Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – June 2019

With June being summer in the northern hemisphere, this time of year is great for new releases for the sneakerheads out there.

That in mind, it’s super difficult to pick my Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth… So this month I just didn’t even bother. I picked two – though they are part of the same pack – because it was actually just easier that way and both of them are dope.

You should really go check out though and see some of the stuff they’ve got on offer at the minute, because there’s a ridiculous amount of great stuff on there right now. Don’t miss out.

Nike Air Max 90 Quickstrike ‘Python’


I will forever be a sucker for Air Max 90s. They remind me of school, and they were the first pair of Air Max that I bought for myself with my own money. The design is amazing, and they’re properly timeless – they will literally never get old as far as I’m concerned. The ‘Python’ is an iconic range that’s been going since 2002.


First up is the anthracite colourway that will excite those out there that are a fan of the black and white, and with these ones the python skin design is a lot more subtle than in the second pair of sneakers that I’ve chosen today. The colour scheme works really nicely together, but be careful of the suede mudguard, you need to take care of that!

cd0916-100---side (1)

The AM90 is such a classic design and Nike have released so many bangers over the years, but I am a BIG fan of what they’ve done with the green python skin on the Cyber-Fir colourway, and I love the way that it pops with the red inside the bubble too.


This one, known as the ‘Green Python’ for obvious reasons, is the newest addition to the collection as Nike continue to build on the range, and this colourway is certainly one for the people that want folks to walk past them and notice what they’re wearing on their feet.

cd0916-001--side (1)

My Take: 8.5/10
I picked the Python pack because I genuinely think that both of these sneakers are gorgeous, but for my personality I think I prefer the green ones. The design is always going to be great with 90s, but I love how the green, red, white and black works together. Can’t go wrongs with a pair of AM90s, stupendous sneaker.

SNEAK FACT!! – The Air Max 90 that is so famous now was actually not called the Air Max 90 when it was released… When it first came out, it was known as the Air Max III by Nike, and the original colourway is still being replicated to this day – they call it “Infrared”.

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