Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – January 2020

Janu-worry is almost over, folks, so it’s safe to start checking your bank balances again I think, and maybe it’s time to treat yourself for surviving the last two months!

With a new year, and a new month, comes plenty of new sneakers, and it was not very easy to pick just one of them as my January Shelflife Sneak of the Month… I did, however, reach my decision when I saw a pair that will be VERY limited, and are actually coming out tomorrow.

I’ve been keeping my money in my pocket for now because I’ve been saving up for when my family arrives in South Africa from the UK next month, but I do feel like it’s only right that I pick myself up a new pair for when they touchdown. You know, it’s important to look good for your parents, right?

 It’s important to look good for your parents, right?

Anyway, I’ve got a feeling that 2020 could be a big year on the sneaker front as the race domination between the companies heats up, but I’m kickstarting the year with a pair of Nikes that caught my eye because they’re so unique, and because they’re also a good, old-fashioned colourway too.

So here goes…

Nike Air VaporMax 360

04 Side 1(15)

As I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before – I’m a sucker for a mash-up. I love when brands take two sneakers that I like and then throw them together in a beautiful concoction like they’ve done with these. Vapormaxs are great, the 360s are great, so why not make a little red and white baby using both of them?


I also REALLY dig the swoosh on these. The colourway is lovely and is reminiscent of the original Air Max 1s (and 360s), but the iridescent on the logo on the sides just really appeals to me. It pops so nicely against the white body of the sneaker and I’m very much on board with it.

02 Back(20)

If you have a pair of Vapormax then you’ll know just how comfortable they are… It’s a bit like you’re floating and no matter what angle you step at, there’s a little bubble of joy waiting to catch your foot. The normal Vapormax can look a bit thin sometimes depending on what you’re wearing, so the chunkiness of the 360 is a welcome addition for me. They find a medium between the normal Vapormax and the TN/Vapormax that has been done.

03 Top(18)

My Take: 10/10
Look, I don’t do this often, but I can find absolutely no fault with this sneaker! The design is great, the colourway is nostalgic, the sole is comfy AF. I was 16 when the original 360s came out, and these just take me back to a good time my life. FULL MARKS! They launch tomorrow at 7am – so get them while they’re hot (and not sold out!)

SNEAK FACT!! – Nike have really made the effort to make sure the Vapormax 360 is true to the original Nike Air Max 360s (you can see them here) in terms of how the upper looks. Also, like the Vapormax, the original 360s had no foam or midsole – just unadulterated Nike Air.

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