Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth-ish – December 2019

Can you believe that we’re saying goodbye to another year? 2019 has absolutely whizzed by and I can’t get over the fact that the decade is over – I’ve got one last Sneak of the Month for you, but it’s actually not a sneaker…

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to have a problem when it comes to storing my kicks. I’ve got quite a few pairs – as I’m sure you can imagine – and my cheapo shoe rack is starting to look properly untidy now. I’ve been looking around for ages to find an alternative, but in South Africa there’s not much out there.

Luckily, the legends over at Shelflife made a plan though, and they’ve come through with the perfect solution just before Christmas and New Year – so I thought it was only fair for me to give some kudos in my FINAL 2019 Sneak of the Month post.

So here we go…

Shelflife Clear Sneaker Crates
R299 each (R249 if you buy more than 10!)


First things first – I have been looking for something like this in South Africa for YEARS. I get all of the adverts on my Facebook and my Instagram advertising these crates, but they’re always based overseas in places like the UK and the USA, and they’ve also been crazy expensive – especially when you take into account the import taxes you’ll have to pay. Shelflife do free shipping.


Hence my delight when I saw these bad boys pop up on my timeline. Shelflife have been doing THE MOST for the South African sneaker industry, and the fact that they’ve actually gone and developed some of these themselves is brilliant. I’ve already put my first order in, and I’ll be ordering more in the new year as well. I’ve always liked the idea of having my kicks on show in my house, and these are a perfect way to do that without things looking untidy. And anything up to size 12 fits in there apparently!


For those wondering, the dimensions are 36cm x 28cm x 18.5cm, and they’re also collapsible. I’d put money on the fact that they’re the best looking way to store your sneakers currently available in Mzansi, and I’m genuinely delighted that Shelflife have come to the party with them.


My Take: 10/10
Honestly – I’m giving these full marks because I have honestly been looking for someone in South Africa to bring these out forever. There are cheaper alternatives to store shoes, but none of them will look this good AND let you show your kicks off to all your guests whenever they come over. Boss move from Shelflife.

SNEAK FACT!! – Over in the United States there are three sisters, Ariana, Dakota and Dresden Peters who have a sneaker collection of over 6000 pairs. They’re known as The Chicks With Kicks and it was actually their parents that started the collection. The girls had to build an extension to their house to fit them all.

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