“Lionel Messi? Do You Know Who He Is?”

American radio talk show host, Mike Francesa, is not a football fan. Like not even a little bit. He recently went on a rant about how nobody knows the Copa América, or, for that matter, one Lionel Messi.

Look, it’s a common stereotype that Americans only care about their own sports, and while that stereotype is not always the reality, Francesa certainly seems to conform to it.

In this eight-minute rant, the 62-year-old rages about Messi – arguably the greatest footballer of all time – being on the front cover of the latest Sports Illustrated magazine, and the fact that they dared *gasp* to have 12-pages dedicated to the Copa América tournament in its centenary year. Bear in mind the fact that the tournament will be held where? Oh yeah, America.

“Now, I know I get accused of knowing nothing about soccer, because I don’t. I know absolutely zero about soccer. And, that’s more than I want to know about soccer. I have no interest.”

While Francesa may not know Lionel Messi, I’m willing to bet that 100% of the people reading this blog post will know a thing or two about ‘La Pulga Atómica’.

Come on, Mike.

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