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Right, so Google are looking for stories. Stories of how we use their platform and how it helps us in our everyday life. I tried to think of a specific story that was worth telling, but then I realised how difficult that would be.

You see, the fact is that – as a football journalist – Google saves me every single day. I have a fairly decent brain, and I can remember quite a few things, but when there are 16 teams in South Africa’s Absa Premiership, it’s pretty tough to remember EVERYTHING.20

Luckily, Google doesn’t encounter the same problem. Because Google CAN remember everything. So whether it’s a player’s age, his birthday, or his current statistics, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll use Google to find the information I need. Using Chrome, if there’s anything I need it goes straight into the search bar and voila!

Luckily, Google doesn’t encounter the same problem. Because Google CAN remember everything.

I have also lost count of the amount of times that Google Maps has saved me when I was overseas, helped me avoid crippling traffic or stopped me from entering a potentially murderous part of town. It’s a lifesaver, like literally.

So now it’s over to you lot… Google want to here your Google stories. They want to know how their digital know-it-all has helped you, and as a reward I have a Google hamper to give away – and here’s the exciting part – this is what’s in it!

  • R250-00 Google Play Vouchers
  • Google Cardboard
  • Selfie Stick
  • Power banks
  • Google Headphones
  • iKnow Board Game
  • Sony Xperia device πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

giphy (6)

All you have to do is send me your Google story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and use the #MyGoogleZA hashtag. Do that, and on May 17th I’ll announce which one of you lovely people will be getting your hands on the hamper. Sound good?

See the Terms and Conditions hereΒ – Competition closes on May 16th

AAANNNDDD the winner is…Β @SDotJR_ on Twitter!

Xperia:Β More than a smartphone! Innovative technology, packed with entertainment, powered by Android.

Sony Xperia

2 thoughts on “Google – Saving Me Everyday

  1. Very interesting story concept- I use Google daily…. Will hve to put my thinking cap on. I hve a Sony EPERIA 3, ‘need an upgrade ;-)’

  2. Google saves me almost everyday, as a job seeker attending interviews I no longer ask rude taxi drivers for directions as Google maps has my back. I didn’t know that you can also Google a landline number someone told me that you can do that on Google and you will know who was calling you. You panic when you get a missed call from a landline when you are a job seeker you just wonder which company was trying to get hold of you, Google made that easy as I just Google the number and the company is displayed on my screen and I call them back. Also in my location I help school kids with their assignments and school research using Google. Chrome is the best search engine from Google it doesn’t use more data like other search engines thank you Google.

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