Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – March 2019

I apologise for writing this at the 11th hour, but my March has been so incredibly busy and I’m actually writing my Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth post from a little town in France called Amiens… I knew which sneaker I was going for, I just needed to find the time!

As you may know by now, the legends over at Shelflife have just opened up an absolutely spectacular new store in Rosebank, Johannesburg that you should definitely all go and check out. And while I was doing that the other day I spotted a pair of sneakers that I just had to have.

Look, for a bit of background here, I’ve always loved Jordans. I love how they look, I love how they look on other people, but always thought I looked like a bit of a dick in them. And then I found these. So without wasting any more time, here’s the #SneakOfTheMonth for March 2019. My first Jordans.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro SE ‘Black Laser’


So before I mention anything else – yep, they’re expensive. Jordans just are expensive. They’re an elite sneaker with a crazy reputation and they’ve earned their place up on this pedestal that they find themselves on. I think it’s their price that has actually played a role in me taking so long to get my first pair. But these, they just spoke to me.


I’ve always felt like I’ve been a bit too squat for Jordans. Every pair that I’ve ever liked has never suited me, and I don’t really know why other than maybe my body shape just didn’t work. These though, felt different. I think it’s the all black to be honest. And the decals *swoon*, the decals are what really got me.


So I did it. I took the plunge. After years of admiring Jordans from afar I went and got myself a pair, and later this week I’ll be happily marching around Paris in them hoping that I pick up a couple of Oh là là’s from some French sneakerheads. The black is dope, the decals are beautiful and the sole pops brilliantly. They’re just wicked.


My Take: 9/10
They’re superb. That’s my main review. They look amazing, they’re dark enough to get away with most outfits and they’ll now forever have a sentimental place in my heart as myfirst… I have only one issue with these sneakers – which is why they’re getting a 9 – and that is that if I wear them for a long period of time then they do feel a bit too narrow for my fat feet. That, however, is my issue, not the shoe’s. Overall, a very very good sneaker.

SNEAK FACT!! – The most expensive Jordans of all time were the pair of 12s that the legend himself wore for a famous game against Utah Jazz in 1997. He had the flu, but still turned on the style and the Chicago Bulls came back from behind to win. That pair sold for $104,000.

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