Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – January

New Year… New Month… New Sneakers! We’re into 2017 and, surprise surprise, my sneaker obsession is as strong as ever.

Shelflife are going strong, as always, and this month we have a tasty trio as our #SneakOfTheMonth as we kick off 2017 in style. I’ve gone for…

adidas EQT Pack

Adidas EQT

Look, I’m a Nike man myself. Most people know that about me. However, every now and again Adidas release something that is pretty much impossible to ignore. The EQTs are kind of like that…


I mean look at them…


Now matter where your brand loyalty lies, you have to admit that these are killer kicks, they look great and you know they’re comfy AF.


My take: 8.5/10
These are darn good looking kicks and great for when it’s hot. There’s also a nice range of colours so you can find a pair that suit exactly what you’re looking for.

SNEAK FACT!!! – The first sneaker brand that Phil Knight, the co-founder or Nike, met with was Onitsuka in Japan when he decided he wanted to import Japanese trainers to the US.

One thought on “Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – January

  1. In full agreement. These kicks are awesome AF! I’m a #3Stripes Fan. And these EQT’s got my feet itching with excitement. ???

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