Nike’s The Switch with Cristiano Ronaldo

Nobody does pre-tournament adverts like Nike, and ahead of Euro 2016 they’ve put together this short film called ‘The Switch’ and it’s brilliant.

Aside from CR7’s slightly dodgy acting, this is one of my favourite Nike ads in a while. It’s actually my favourite since the amazing one they did prior to the 2014 World Cup.

It’ll make you smile throughout, but my favourite bit is Ronaldo saying ‘Rubbish!’ when he can’t get his kickups right. Special moment.

Watch, enjoy, and get yourself geared up for an amazing tournament.

A little anecdote about this ad is that the lad who plays Ronaldo’s counterpart, Gerson Correia Adua, was actually the understudy after the original dude sadly got injured in a car accident. The original guy does, however, feature in the video at 5:15.

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