Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – April

We’re into April already!! 2016 is flying by so far, and we’ve already had three #KicksOfTheMonth from Shelife’s store an given away R3000 of vouchers to you lovely people.

Now, with winter coming in South Africa, we’ll be wearing a bit less white and a lot more dark colours, so I’ll be picking the kicks accordingly!

This month, and brand new to Shelflife at the weekend, I introduce the:

adidas Tubular Doom – Triple Black
Price: R2,299


I’m not sure what it is about this shoe, but it looks evil! Like, in a good way though. It kinda looks like it’d be well suited on the feet of soldiers in a sci-fi film set a thousand years in the future. The triple black just looks, well, dark.


I’m also a big fan of the minimalism of this trainer. Adidas haven’t gone to town on making sure people know that it’s Adidas. It just is. Would look amazing with a nice pair of ankle hugging jeans or all black tracksuit bottoms.


My take: 7.5/10
With winter coming, you can never go wrong with a nice strong pair of black kicks… These fellas fit the bill perfectly. They look dope, too.

SNEAK FACT!!! – It’s called the “Tubular” because of the design of the outsole… It’s modelled on inner tubes of tyres.

One thought on “Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – April

  1. Hi Joe
    I am seriously looking for Evaton and Swansea jersey..I don’t mind sending u cash to bring them for me please bro

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