WIN – Football Manager 2016

I’m just hazarding a guess, but if you’ve made it onto this page then it’s probably because you’ve heard that I’m giving away a copy of the amazing Football Manager 2016 game.

You are not mistaken! So yeah, I’ll get down to the details. You may recall that I wrote a piece a bit back about how Football Manager had helped shape my life path… In short, one of the reasons I’m in South Africa doing what I do is because of my addiction to Sports Interactive’s masterpiece.

In order to win, just head over to my previous piece about FM and then tweet me (@YesWeCrann) with the answer to the question below and the #FMCrann hashtag.

“Which South African player did I get on the back of my Orlando Pirates shirt?”

So your tweet would look something a little like this:
“Yo @YesWeCrann. That South African player you got on your Pirates shirt was ??? #FMCrann”

It’s as easy as that.

Due to the fact that this prize is a code to download a copy of the game on Steam, it is literally open to ANYBODY IN THE WORLD. Which is quite nice because usually I have to keep my competitions local. So yeah, good luck! 🙂

FM 2016 - Messi

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only one entry per person will be counted
  2. The deadline for entries will be at 12h00 on 06/04/16.
  3. Winner will be selected at random on
  4. You have to be following @YesWeCrann to win
  5. Entries from anywhere will be accepted

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