Booked By Webfluential: Earning Anywhere

So if you follow me on social media – which you probably do if you’ve found your way onto this page – you’ll no doubt have heard me raving about Webfluential at some point or another in the past.

Basically, because of the way modern society has become and because of the role of social media in it, the role of online ‘influencers’ is increasing every single day. Webfluential and their system gave me – and several others who are on board – the chance to make money from our ‘influence’, giving us a reliable and organised way of doing so.Webfluential

But was that enough for them? Oh no no. I was lucky enough to be asked by the guys over at Webfluential to test drive something new for them. Introducing: Booked By Webfluential.

The new system, simply put, means that I can now take bookings myself. There’s no middleman, no following up on payments. If a brand wants to use me, they can now come straight to me. The ‘Chat Room’ on the website is an easy communication platform and I can now literally work my social media from anywhere.

Just to be clear, these guys are the FIRST in the World to do this…

WebfluentialI’m in the UK right now, but through Booked By Webfluential I’m getting briefs sent through, discussing specifics over direct messages and can get the job done from wherever I might be at that time.

Just to be clear, these guys are the FIRST in the World to do this. The first to give influencers the chance to skyrocket and empower themselves. And it’s dead easy too.

Register as an influencer on, install the plugin on WordPress, follow the instructions and you’re good to go. No more being paid in ‘exposure’. Get what you deserve for your talents!

#BookedByWebfluential gives influencers complete control to take bookings anywhere, anytime, from any brand. 

It’s free and simple to install
With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can take bookings anywhere, any time, from any brand

Show you mean business
It’s the credibility you deserve. Brands gets a professional quote from you instantly when they use your booking form

We’ll help you price your work
Set your own rates, or use pricing suggestions from Webfluential

Get paid, on time, no hassles
No more following up on invoices; all jobs booked through Webfluential come with a payment guarantee

Better collaboration
Use the Chat Room feature to one-on-one with brands about creative elements, timings and other questions

Reporting made easy
You don’t have to spend time gathering stats and page views. Post-campaign reporting is automatic

Everything in one place
Being an influencer has never been this easy – all your bookings, briefs, reports and payments are in one place

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