Nike Magista X – Real Review

Firstly, before I get started, there are plenty of press releases and scientific reviews of football boots and trainers out there… I wanted to start writing reviews that your average person can use.

I love my five-a-side football… It’s the most fun way that I have to keep any sort of social fitness together, and it’s something that I find immense pleasure in.

For a fair few years now there have been proper five-a-side kicks, but the brands seem to have really stepped up of late and the Nike Magista X is aimed specifically at small-sided football players.

Nike Magista X

I was lucky enough to get hold of a pair and have a kickaround in them, and to be honest I’ve got mostly good things to say.

First on the agenda is, and I’m sure it’s the same for most people, the looks of the shoe. Aesthetics are massive and if we’re honest, it doesn’t matter how great a shoe is, if it’s ugly AF then not many will want it. The Magista X doesn’t have that issue, it looks lovely. (Although being a Sheffield Wednesday fan I’d have preferred a blue pair!)

Of course after the looks, the most important thing with a football shoe is the comfort of it. You’re probably going to play like crap if your feet feel like crap, that’s just common sense. The Magista X’s have Lunarlon midsoles, and while I won’t go into the science of that because it’ll just go over most people’s heads, just know that it’s super bloody comfy. It’s on some pairs of my Air Maxs too, and it’s quality.

I had a pair of the Nike Mercurial Superflys before, and while my feet did get used to them, they are very much for people with thin feet (which I don’t have), and the Magista X is far more comfortable if you’re a bit flat footed like myself. If you’re a size 8 (UK) get a size (or half) above. They’re a tight shoe and they won’t be comfortable for you if you get it wrong. Just a tip.

Because of the sock fit the back of the shoe does curve in a little bit and it might give your Achilles a little bit of rub at first, which isn’t too pleasant, but that disappears after a while and it kind of just becomes part of your foot.

Nike Magista X

There’s also a nice little touch on the front of it, with an extra layer of leather (they call it ‘Barefoot Touch’) that helps with your first touch a little bit. Look, it’s not going to turn your first touch from being like Big Dave down the park to Andres Iniesta, but it definitely does make a bit of a difference.

Lastly, while Nike say the shoe is meant for all surfaces in all conditions, it’s not. I played on a wet futsal court in the Magista X last week and it was super, super slippy, however, to be fair, I don’t think many shoes will fare well on a wet futsal court.

On astro they’re much better and are genuinely a really nice shoe to play in.

Magista X - Red

One-piece Flyknit upper with integrated Flywire for a locked-down fit and adaptive support.

Ultralight Lunarlon midsole and surface-specific traction for responsive cushioning and underfoot ball control.
Hexagonal tread pattern for enhanced grip on the street and indoor-competition surfaces.
Dynamic Fit collar designed for a seamless, sock-like fit.
3-D textured Flyknit for closer ball feel and enhanced touch.
Leather overlay for added durability and ball control.

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