The Sad Story Of Freddy Adu…

For the Football Manager fans out there, the name Freddy Adu is one that you’ll automatically recognise. In the early 2000s he was deemed as being the American Pele, the next big thing. As it turned out, it was much Adu about nothing.

After bursting onto the scene as a teenager, signing a procontract with DC United in 2003, Adu’s career has seen him play in America, Portugal, France, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Serbia and Finland. And it pains me to say that it’s done pretty much bugger all.

I, like many Football Manager fans, had HUGE hopes for Adu, however almost 12 years after signing for DC United as one of the most talked-about teenagers in World football, Freddy Adu is promoting vacuum cleaners on his Twitter.

As it turned out, it was much Adu about nothing.

Look, I don’t have an issue with sponsored tweets, he even had the honesty to say that it was sponsored (in case we didn’t know). My problem is that we just wanted so, so much more from him by the time he was 26.

This tweet makes my heart sad… It does look like a good hoover though.

Come on Freddy. You’ve still got time. Make it happen. ⚽️

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