Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – April 2019

I’m against the clock here to make sure I get my April Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth up before the month is actually over, but I think I might just pull this off!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit of a bubble head… I’ve always had a thing for Air Max, but of late I’ve been thinking outside my own personal box a little bit and actually haven’t picked a pair as my #SneakOfTheMonth at all this year.

That changes today though, because Shelflife just dropped a pair of killers and there’s no chance that I was going to pick something else before I ran out of time in April. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the…

Nike Air Max 270


Look, you can’t really go wrong with a red and black colourway, can you? We’ve seen all the brands do it, and it spells danger. These 270s are no different, and are bound to get you noticed if you bag yourself a pair before they sell out!

ah8050-022-back I don’t think there’s a pair of my sneaker collection at the minute that get as constantly commented on as my original pair of 270s, and this blood red version of them are bound to stick out in a crowd even more – especially with the white sole piece that Nike decided to put in there.ah8050-022-front

I love everything about this trainer. The shades of the red, the pitch black upper, the bright white on the logo, it’s a beautifully put together piece of art – and I’m here for it. Nike have done numerous colourways for the 270, but I think this one might actually be my favourite… And it’s a proper comfy piece of footwear, too.


My Take: 9/10
I was quick to Shelflife when the Air Max 270s came out, and I have never once regretted bagging myself a pair of these sneakers. Their one of the comfiest pairs of sneakers that I have, and I don’t think I can give them a higher compliment than saying that they’re usually my ‘go-to’ trainers when I’m not sure what to wear. This colourway is FIRE, too. And the white heel pops beautifully. Superb pair of kicks.

SNEAK FACT!! – The Air Max 270 is actually the tallest-ever Air Max heel unit (which is great for shortarses like myself), and is actually 32mm high, giving myself a little bit of a boost when I want to not feel like the smallest person in the room!

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