Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – January 2018

It’s a new year, and my love for sneakers hasn’t diminished even a little bit. I haven’t gotten myself a new pair in 2018 yet, but I’m certainly working on it. The toughest decision is actually which ones I want to go for.

So, as we’ve been doing every month for a long time now, I’ve gone through the beauties on sale at Shelflife, and decided to pick my #SneakOfTheMonth for the first time in the new year.

Before I even go into the shoe, I’m going to just put it out there. This trainer is expensive. It’s not your average cost for a sneaker, but then again it isn’t your average sneaker.

Anyway, lets get to it… My first #SneakOfTheMonth for 2018 is…

Nike Air VaporMax Plus


You know sometimes Nike like to take two of their hugely successful sneakers and slam them together? Well that’s exactly what they’ve gone and done with the Nike Air VaporMax Plus (Triple Black), and boy does it stand out.


I mean, off the bat, I know this shoe isn’t for everyone. It’s loud, it’s garish, but it’s crazy unique. It’s the sort of shoe that you’ll wear and notice people glancing down trying to get a closer look at what it is you’ve got on your feet.


What Nike have done is take aking the air pockets from the popular Vapormax, and then Frankensteined the Air Max Plus upper on top of it. There’s even a hint of the 97 in there given where the swoosh is on the heel.


My Take: 8/10
I think it’d be difficult to give the VaporMax Plus full marks because, as I said, it’s certainly an acquired taste. But in terms of how it stands out and the fact that they’ve pieced together two of my favourite Nike sneakers, it’s up there with a good score. You just might need to save up a bit longer to get them. ?

SNEAK FACT!! – While previous Air Max models have filled the sole with as much air as possible, in the the VaporMax Nike used pressure maps of the foot to try and use less air, more efficiently.

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