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Given the day today, you can probably guess which sneakers I’ve picked for March’s #SneakOfTheMonth… 26/03 is, of course, Air Max Day, so my choice really will come as no surprise…

I’ll own up. I’m being a bit mean this month because the sneakers that I’ve picked you can’t actually get at Shelflife anymore. As you know, the legends over at SL get some big exclusives and the Air Max 1 Anniversary edition OGs was one of them. I managed to get my hands on a pair, but they were very limited.

BUT, while you can’t get the exact ones that I’ve got, you can get the new and improved version. And they’re also very specific to Air Max Day.

Air Max 1 OG Anniversary

AMD1 copy 2

As I said, you can’t buy these anymore because of how limited they were, but there’s such an amazing back story to these OG Air Max 1s, and it is their month after all! This is the original colourway, Tinkler Hatfield’s original masterpiece, and they’re just so lovely to look at…

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 16.58.32

It says a lot that 30 years on Nike can resell the very first Air Maxs that they created, and that the demand for them is so huge. I was never allowed AM as a kid because they were too expensive, so now I’m going about making up for lost time. Having these in my collection is amazing for me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 16.58.24

Hatfield first thought of the Air Max design because of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and 30 years later they’re bringing out new versions every year, yet the original will ALWAYS be the original. I mean look at them?!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 16.58.14

My Take: 10/10
How could I give these fellas anything less than 10/10? They’re classic. They’re the originals. They’re iconic. They are what started the Air Max revolution. Kiss My Airs.

What you can get, is these beauties. They’re styled on the OG Air Max 1, but they’re lighter and pay homage to Air Max Day with the 3.26 on the tongue. They’re R1,799, and look absolutely dope. You won’t regret nabbing yourself a pair if you get the chance.

Make sure you stay tuned in to my Twitter (@YesWeCrann) in the next week or so, because we’ll have another R1000 #KicksFromCran giveaway coming up, and you all deserve nice things!! 🙂

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