How I’m Getting My Wednesday Shirt To Africa…


So I don’t know about you, but as good as South Africa is getting with regards to stuff that’s available in this country, there are still a whole heap of things that we have no choice but to look overseas for.

Last Christmas I got some amazing gadgets for my girlfriend called ‘Tiles’, they sync with your phone and you can put them on keys or in wallets etc. She loses things a lot, so it was the perfect gift for her. There is now an alternative in SA, but I couldn’t find one at the time.

Anyway, the only problem was that they cost me a fortune to get over here, but I didn’t really have another option so I coughed up the cash and they ended up getting here.

That’s why when Aramex Global Shopper got in touch with me and told me about what they were doing, I was pretty keen to try it out…

If you use the code ‘AGS10JC’ you’ll get a $45 lifetime subscription for $10.

Basically, Aramex Global Shopper acts as a bit of a middleman. When you sign up you’re given 17 addresses around the world. You get your new goodies sent to them, and then they send them off to you in South Africa or wherever you may be. These addresses are in the UK, US, Japan, Dubai, Hong Kong, all over the place.


Look, it’s usually a payment of $45 to sign up for Aramex Global Shopper for LIFE, but as you’ve been kind enough to make your way to my website, if you put in the code ‘AGS10JC’ when you register, you’ll get that for just $10.

As you may or may not know, I’m an avid Sheffield Wednesday supporter. And as you can probably guess, there aren’t many Sheffield Wednesday jerseys available in South Africa… So I’ve used Aramex Global Shopper to nab myself an Owls shirt, and now it’s on it’s way to me from the Motherland so that I can show off my colours here.

I’m an avid Sheffield Wednesday supporter. And as you can probably guess, there aren’t many Sheffield Wednesday jerseys available in South Africa…

Obviously I’m still having to pay customs tax etc. but for shipping to Mzansi you pay R195 (from December 1st) for the first half kilo, and then R99 for every additional half kilo. So it’s cheaper than paying a lot of shipping costs into South Africa, and you probably won’t pay shipping costs locally wherever you’re buying.

It’s quick too. I’ve been told that I should get my package in about 3-6 working days, and it cuts out the (often unreliable) SA Post Office, using Aramex to deliver to your door.

Lastly, I also wanted to mention the handiness of what Aramex Global Shopper do in terms of how it works. They clear customs for you, and all of the fees are payable online. It just makes life a lot easier. All you do is put their address instead of yours. It’s literally that simple.


As I said, it’s a really handy thing to have, and for the sake of $10 for a lifetime membership using my code, you might as well get yourself signed up. Especially with Black Friday coming along this week and Christmas on the horizon. Bag yourself some of those overseas bargains, and then get them all delivered to your door right here in SA.

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  1. JUST BE AWARE… I signed up using this offer but was still charged the full price. Hoping that Aramex will sort this out for me.

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