WIN!! – Join Me For The New Harry Potter Premiere!


Hey folks! This is just a very quick post from me, mainly to give you lot the information you need in order to come join me for the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them premiere next week 🙂

Simply put, I’ve got five double tickets to giveaway for you Potter fans out there that fancy joining me for the Fantastic Beasts premiere on Wednesday the 16th of November at the Mall of Africa.

Look, I’m a big Potter geek. I read the books as a kid, waited in queues to watch the films as they came out and recently – on MNet’s popup channel – watched them all over again. Snape’s death is still devastating.

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As I said, I won’t keep you long… You want to know how to enter, so here you go.

Using Snapchat – or any other app that lets you faceswap – get a picture of yourself and merge it with your favourite Harry Potter character from any of the films. Once you’ve done that, post it on Twitter and/or Facebook, and use the following caption:

“Yo @YesWeCrann! Please disapparate me to the #FantasticBeastsYWC premiere with you!”

If you want to win on Facebook, simply go like this post and follow me (Joe Crann) to enter.

Also, go like this picture on my Instagram, as an additional entry.

If you want to double your chances, enter Stephanie Be‘s competition too!

A little bit like these… ?????

img_0060 img_0062 img_0065 img_0068

P.S I tried to be a bit more creative with entries, however it appears that people aren’t too keen to go that little bit extra to do cool things! Haha.

Ts & Cs

  1. Only one entry per handle per platform.
  2. You have to be following the handle to win the tickets.
  3. Prizes per handle: 2 x Twitter (1x faceswap, 1x retweet), 2 x Facebook (1x faceswap, 1x like), 1 x Instagram (like).
  4. Have to be able to pick up the tickets at Mall of Africa at the premiere.
  5. Winner will be announced on the morning of Tuesday 15th.

One thought on “WIN!! – Join Me For The New Harry Potter Premiere!

  1. Hahaha!!! fanboy shoutout! haha I looove the fun of this competion

    Snapes death…the feels

    JK Rowling is, in my opinion the greatest author of all time. So far, wink wink…
    You reawakened so much resonance within me, relating to each word & emotion through your experience. Funnily enough the first Harry Potter book I ever read was The Goblet of Fire, as it was the only one left at the library. I’ve been hooked ever since. I remember the EPICness of waiting in line for the release of Order of the Phoenix & every book after. I remember all the costumes people dressed up, the reach of this book was so wide! even in my lenasia south primary school here in johannesburg, a boy came to a bake sale, yes a bake sale with harry potter baked goods like a candy wand, bertie bottes every flavored beans and so on. It was magical and the best part was it wasnt even me who did it!
    Harry potter is the greatest literary creation in the history of mankind period. It captured every cell in my imagination & allowed my mind to soar through the skies in reading bliss. Showed me the true uninhibited power an author can possess.
    Such is my love for JK & HP, I’ve written many posts in relation to her. Here are some:

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