Young Piano – Covering Kanye

If – like me – you’re a fan of Kanye West, then take some time to watch how this German lad manages to cover his seven albums on piano… In one take!

There are plenty of things to love about this video. Firstly, musically it is superb to listen to. Take away the fact that it is Kanye and the composition from the lad – who calls himself Young Piano – is beautiful.

From College Dropout to TLOP, the way Lukas has put this together is stunning to watch and listen to.

Also, I really enjoy watching people play piano. I think it’s an incredible talent to have and genuinely relaxes me. I think I have to note that – after watching this – I spent about an hour and a half watching piano videos on YouTube.

I won’t waffle on because Lukas’ video is far better than anything that I could possibly say, however I will mention that for long-term Kanye fans it is brilliantly nostalgic and it really does prove how good his back catalog is. Enjoy.

P.S My favourite bit is when he plays Runaway (About 6:20 minutes in).

P.P.S I’ve watched/listened this video about seven times already.

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