Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth – February

It’s February, and that means it’s time for another Shelflife #SneakOfTheMonth entry… Introducing the Nike BHM Jordan Spike 40. Beautiful, hey?

As will be happening every month for the rest of 2016, the #SneakOfTheMonth will coincide with a R1000 Shelflife voucher giveaway over on my Twitter, so head on over there for your chance to win R500 or R250.

Nike Air Jordan Spike 40 – BHM
Price: R1999


So these babies are part of Nike’s annual Black History Month collection. There are another pair of Air Jordans, but these are part of a collaboration with the legendary Spike Lee. That, of course, is why his face is on the front of them (to very cool effect I might add!).


I’m a big fan of kicks that are a bit different. Whether it’s the design, or the colours on it, I like a trainer to stand out. And these fellas certainly do that. The African-inspired design matches the rest of the BHM collection for 2016, and just looks very cool in my opinion. Couple that with the patent leather bits and you have a VERY smooth shoe.


My take: 9/10
These kicks aren’t for everyone, not everybody likes a shoe as wild as this one, but for me they are superb. Lots of colour, and something a bit different. Lovely jubbly.

SNEAK FACT!!! – Spike Lee first started working with Nike in 1986 after they liked a character of his, Mars Blackmon, from the She’s Gotta Have It movie.

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