The Hateful Eight Trailer Is Out!

I love Quentin Tarantino’s films. I’ve been watching them since before my mum said I was allowed to, and I thought his last one, Django Unchained, was a bloody brilliant.

‘Bloody brilliant’ is actually quite an apt way to describe Tarantino’s films to be honest, they’re never short of a droplet or two, and I doubt that the Hateful Eight, his ninth film, will be any different.

There is plenty to fall in love with in Tarantino’s works. Whether it’s his immaculate casting, incredible attention to detail or his own personal cameos, he’s just chuffing good at what he does.

In this one, his second of three Westerns apparently, he’s managed to bring Ennio Morricone out of Western retirement and get the 86-year-old ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ composer to do his first score in the genre for 40 years. Things like that please me immensely.

Oh, and also, Samuel L. Jackson’s character is called Major Marquis Warren, a tribute to Charles Marquis Warren, the producer of famous Western series, Rawhide.

Quentin = Class

P.S It’s out at Christmas.

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