FIFA 16 – Gameplay Innovations

Just like every year since I was a kid I’m excited for the latest and greatest offering in the football game world…

First it was FIFA for me, then I strayed with Pro Evo for a while before coming back to where it all began. I was in love with FIFA 15 and thought it had some great features, and it looks like FIFA 16 is going to be even better.

Being someone who likes to slide tackle, I like what they’re doing with tackling system on FIFA 16. The fact that you’ll be able to decide against a tackle once it’s made in order to get back up quicker is brilliant.

I also like the look of the new crossing techniques that they’re going to be incorporating into the game, and hopefully it’ll stop every single bloody cross being cut out by the defender or goalkeeper.

The game is out in September and I’m super amped for it. Can’t wait to get it on my Xbox One, especially because Sheffield Wednesday should actually have a decent team this year!

Oh, and if it looks odd seeing Messi with a full sleeve in real life, it looks even odder in the game!

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